From viral memes to engagement-farming threads, You’re flooded with the craziest you couldn’t care less about.

You need a refinement. You want control.

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Meet Refined Tweets

Refined Tweets lets you create your own Twitter algorithm.

Refined Tweets UI

No, seriously. Using RefinedTweets, you can choose exactly which Tweets shows up on your feed. For example, you can say:

Show me Tweets withless than 100 likes.

Show me Tweets that haveless than 10 replies.

Show Tweets from users withless than 1000 followers.

Show Tweets only fromBlue verified/unverfied users.

Mix and match any number of filters until you have your dream feed.

Supported filter datapoints:


Find high value Tweets by filtering with bookmark count


Find tweets with your desired engagement level


Find the viral. Or the underdog.


Filter tweets based on retweet count

Quote Tweet

Discover Tweets people are talking about

Tweet Content

Include/exclude Tweets based on the content (block words/phrases)


Nerd? 🤓 Write the perfect regex to match the exact tweets you want to see.


Your growth Guru said you need to interact with accounts 3X your following? It's takes a sec to locate them

Blue Verification

Allow Tweets from verified users only. Or the other way around.

DM Status

Filter Tweets based on user's DM status

Account Age

Filter Tweets based on user's account age. Great way to avoid new/fake accounts

Tweet count

Filter users based on how many tweets they have in total

And more...

If these aren't enough, I have a few more in the making...

See? I wasn't kidding about the algorithm thingy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about RefinedTweets

RefinedTweets is a browser extension that allows you to filter and customize your Twitter feeds according to your own preferences. Our aim is to give you more control to enhance your social networking experience.

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RefinedTweets is currently in beta as we add more cool things and smooth out the rough edges.

Your help and feedback are crucial in making this a great tool.

Please let us know your thoughts, ideas, opinions and questions.

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